Tagliacorone Talon Tri Hawk

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 Consultant's Comments:

  • Very sharp and very efficient!
  • This bur cuts very fast.
  • Excellent for cutting through old crowns.
  • A quadrant of preparations can typically be completed with a single bur.
  • The bur tends to chatter at initial penetration.
Description: Tri Hawk Talon Burs are disposable high-carbon steel shank burs with a carbide tip designed for strength and cutting efficiency. Indicated for all operative procedures, the 1158 series burs feature a proprietary rake-blade angle and end cut, allowing the clinician to cut vertically and horizontally through all types of metal, as well as tooth structure, without having to change burs. The color of the bur is matte black to help reduce eyestrain and to provide contrast between the bur and tooth structure. Tri Hawk Talon Burs come in rolls of 100, are available in?three sizes, and they are indicated for single use. Twenty-nine consultants evaluated Tri Hawk Talon Burs in sizes 10 and 12  in over 250 clinical cases. This product received an 87% clinical rating.

Resistenza e durata

Nuovo filmato che mette a dura prova la nostra Talon!


La tagliacorona dalle prestazioni ineguagliabili taglia orizzontalmente, verticalmente e in punta


TALON 10  e TALON 12       Le tagliacorone riconoscibili per il loro gambo nero

Talon fresa per metallo nr1 al mondo

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